We are dedicated to ministering to veteran families by way of Biblical soul care, premarital/marital education, mental health coacching, and ongoing support through weekly online Bible studies and gatherings, connecting you to helpful resources, and ministering through Rudy’s Project.

Are you interested in a bible study? We meet most Tuesday evenings, 6:30 p.m. (CST) via Webex. Visit our Facebook group “Prelude Bible Study Group” to get started!

For Biblical soul care, please contact me via email, to discuss care options.

If you would like to know how to have a resilient marriage or would like premarital counseling please contact tbc.eph210@gmail.com

Please check back often as we add encouraging posts, free printables, and helpful tools!

Thank you for the inspiration of your heart and who you are and all you do for those you touch”


Thank you! I just wanted you to know that your words give my day the boost I need! I’m truly grateful to know you!!!

-A Grateful EMT

Thank you also for your work in our community Some of the things you post hit home big time!

Just wanted to thank you and those like you in the community. I have several times almost been one. Its only getting harder for us Vets and I thank yall dearly!

You inspire me! Your never ending fight for our veterans is amazing! Remember to

take time for you.

I wanted to drop a line to say thanks for helping out my buddy and now my wife.
You truly have a gift and we can never repay you for the care and respect you have shown. most people talk down to those who are already low. You took the time to listen, offer helpful advice and pray with them. You are a rare breed ma’am I can only pray you have someone who treats you with the same care you show to others. This family is forever grateful that god sent an angel like you.”
D & M in Indy

You do understand that your actual name leaves me from time to time, right. I’m pretty sure it’s, Sherri though.. But I honestly just see Monarchs and Angel Wings when I try to reach for your name in my brain.

Hey just wanted to let you know that I follow and appreciate your page. I’ve been all the way down to suck starting a pistol.


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National Association of Christian Counselors

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