I believe everyone should be treated as they were created, Imago Dei, in His likeness. Soul care is best carried out following the traits of our Wonderful Counselor Jesus Christ. Empathy, genuineness, and kindness are the foundation from which I minister. Anything less is merely applying a band-aid to your wounds. I seek to restore you to God and your loved ones.

A Little About Me

I am but a humble servant, navigating through this world, walking alongside, rejoicing with, and ministering to others. I acknowledge I am limited and need the wisdom of the Holy Spirit and God’s grace every day and in every circumstance this journey takes me through. I still fail, but God is faithful to sustain and for this I am thankful and blessed.

By God’s grace, I am focused on helping our nation’s Warriors thrive and flourish, not merely survive each day. They are at the heart of my ministry, and I am honored to serve our Veterans and their families.

I am a certified facilitator for two well-known marriage assessment tools. I believe in resilient marriages and can help guide you in creating a healthy, God-honoring marriage that can withstand the societal pressures that often steer couples away from each other.

I diligently advocate for veteran suicide awareness and am certified in the P.A.I.R. (Prevention, Assessment, Intervention & Recovery) suicide prevention program. I am also an Objective Zero volunteer.

Finally, my “baby” is the #22vetsnomore movement that I created over 6 years ago. If you love and support our veterans or you are a veteran, you can find and follow 22vetsnomore on Instagram.Ā Please consider participating in Rudy’s Project. An act of kindness rooted in one veterans desire to be remembered.

In my spare time, I am working towards Chaplaincy. My current background includes Psychology: Military Resilience and Pastoral Counseling: Marriage and Family. I am also a certified Mental Health Coach. Soul care is provided with the Bible as the basis, however, psychology offers insight into human behaviors, and is subject to God’s authority, therefore, my background in psychology allows me to further understand people and situations. Everything under God’s authority is profitable if properly used.

I also enjoy writing and creating. I have written over 30 educational curricula and adult/children’s Bible studies over the years. It was a fruitful season that provided many opportunities to share the Gospel and meet many wonderful people. 

It is my prayer that you are blessed by the content of this site and find encouragement to press on toward the goal set before you.

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